Curfboard Ice blades - Let's surf frozen water!

Released on 2022-11-16

Ice is only frozen water!

That’s what we had in mind when developing these blades. You can now extend your surfskate season throughout the winter months by simply exchanging your wheels with our blades. Training surf moves on ice or just cruise across these frozen waters, or even use a kite or wing to propel you further, are just a few of the new possibilities these blades create for you.

The Curfboard Ice Blades give you the ultimate surf feeling of your Curfboard on ice, whether it’s on lakes, ponds or the local ice rink. You’ll be surprised how fast you can go and how easy it is to pump the board from a standstill to full speed. Carving turns, sliding the tail, it’s all possible. Let’s take your surfskating to a new dimension!

Developed with passion and endless hours of testing over 5 years we optimized the shape and grind of the blades to perfectly match our Curfboard surfskate truck system. Limited edition.


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