Below we have listed our shipping rates and the list of countries we currently ship to.

If you can’t find your country on the list, send us an email to [email protected].

CountryShipping Rate
Australia29.90 AUD
Austria9,90 EUR
Belgium9,90 EUR
Canada26.90 CAD
Czech Republic9,90 EUR
Denmark9,90 EUR
Estonia9,90 EUR
Finnland9,90 EUR
France9,90 EUR
Germany6,90 EUR
Greece9,90 EUR
Ireland9,90 EUR
Italy9,90 EUR
Japan2,650.00 JPY
Latvia9,90 EUR
Lithuania9,90 EUR
Luxembourg9,90 EUR
Netherlands9,90 EUR
Poland9,90 EUR
Portugal9,90 EUR
Slovakia9,90 EUR
Slovenia9,90 EUR
Spain9,90 EUR
Sweden9,90 EUR
Switzerland12.90 CHF
United Kingdom9.90 GBP
USA19.90 USD