How to maintain and clean your Curfboard

Surfskate maintenance is just as important as wetsuit and surfboard care and will make your deck last as long as possible. Whether you’re getting your surfskate ready for summer or you want to freshen it up from the daily use, we’ve collected some quick tips on how to care for your Curfboard.

1. Give it a scrub

Prepare lukewarm water with some soap and get ready to give your deck a bath. It’s ok to get your board wet, as long as you leave it to properly dry afterwards and don’t do it too often. For a proper clean once every few months, don’t hesitate to dump water on it. Use a scrub to get all the dirt off the top, the bottom and also off the trucks and wheels. You can really get in there and scrub every bit of the Curfboard.

Pro tip: After the first scrub, let the water and soap soak on the board for 10 minutes. Then scrub again.

2. Dry

Time to get dry. Make sure to properly dry your board, wheels and trucks with a cloth or towel. Then leave it in a dry, ideally sunny place for a few minutes to fully dry.

3. Oil the wheels

For the wheels to run smoothly, it helps to add machine oil once in a while. Let the wheel spin, while adding a few drops of oil. Repeat this process for all four wheels.

Important: Don’t add oil to the front truck. The unique Curfboard front truck is designed in a way that never needs oil.

4. Grease the back truck

The back truck relies on a rubber bushing, which can start to squeak after time. Regular greasing helps to keep the bushing smooth and quiet. Simply use a tool to unscrew the back truck and add grease to the rubber part. You can even use wax if you don’t have grease handy. Put it all back together and check if the squeaky noise is gone.

5. Tighten all screws

Finally, make sure all screws are tight. Check the back truck, the front truck as well as the screws that connect the trucks to the board.

6. Take your shiny Curfboard for a spin…

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Find the full instructions for our front trucks here: