7 questions for Eisbach river surfer Rufus

Hey Rufus, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Rufus, 21 years old and I’ve been surfing for 12 years. I saw surfers in Italy on the beach during my summer vacation with my brother. My brother really wanted to learn how to surf and when you are the younger one, you always want to do what your older brother does.. I always skateboarded on the side but surfskating really started at ISPO 2017.

Where was your first Curfboard experience?

I tested the Curfboard for the first time at the Munich Mash and was able to transfer surfing and skating directly to the board.

How often do you stand on your surfskate?

I surfskate every week and for that I usually just go out on the street or to the Gefilde skatepark in Munich. However, my absolute favorite spot, is a skatepark on the Spanish coast. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact location. 

How do you use surfskating to improve your river surfing?

Especially the pumping and the turns can be transferred almost one to one to river surfing.

Are there moves that you first practice on the surfskate?

Layback turns I first practiced on the surfskate and then transferred it to river and ocean surfing. 

How much does surfskating remind you of surfing?

The movements are very similar. If you have a good spot, the feeling is also similar. Only the water is missing. 

Favorite Curfboard?

My favorite Curfboard is the Wave because it allows more radical manoeuvres and the width allows more control on heel and toe.