Wing skating: easy start, effortless set up and unlimited fun

Are you passionate about wing foiling or looking to try a new outdoor sport?
Today we will explain you why wing skating is a great complement to wing foiling or just an entirely new fun sport to try!

Let’s break down why it’s an absolute blast and why the Curfboard stands out as the ultimate companion for your wing skating adventures.

First, imagine the convenience of practicing your moves on land, where you can easily refine your techniques and maneuvers. By mastering wing skating on solid ground, you’ll build confidence and skills that seamlessly transition to the water, making your wing foiling sessions more enjoyable and efficient, especially if you’re new to the sport. 

Now, let’s talk convenience and ease of use: With wing skating, all you need is a Curfboard and a wing – no bulky wetsuits, no need to commute to the nearest body of water. It’s a grab-and-go setup that allows you to indulge in your passion for wind sports anywhere there’s some open space and a breeze. It will allow you to have quick sessions even if you just have a few minutes to spare.

Wing skating is incredibly beginner-friendly. You’ll find yourself gliding and carving in no time, especially if you choose the Curfboard as your skate.

Curfboard is known to be an easy starter, to have stability while having all the surf maneuverability.

The Curfboard Surfskate is the most realistic experience comparing surfskating and foiling because of the unique front truck, which turns in a very natural way.

On Curfboards you also have to put pressure on the front foot to keep the balance while the wind gives you speed. And because our board avoids speed-wobbles it is also the safest surfskate to keep your confidence while going really fast.

The Curfboard provides stability and control, essential for mastering those tight turns and smooth maneuvers.

With the Curfboard you can replicate the moves of wing foiling and practice all year long. You can avoid the cold water and ride with lighter wind. If the wind is not constant, you just pump your surfskate to keep your speed until the wind takes you again.

As for where to wing skate, the possibilities are endless. Whether you find a deserted parking lot, a quiet street, or a spacious sports field; any open space will suffice, and you’re good to go.

So why wait? Grab your wing, pick your Curfboard, and hit the streets for your next adventure!