Nadine Eberhardt

The fact that there is no sea in Berlin has certainly brought Nadine to her passion for surfskating. There are many great skateparks but one in particular – called Tempelhofer Feld – a disused airport site with smooth concrete ground. This is where she trains all year round for her next surf trip. Cruising on the Leilani is especially fun here. Her favorite surf spot is the Philippines, since her roots are from there. In her adult life, she works as an architect and advocates for green and resource-efficient architecture. She is always hungry for new adventures and travels wherever there are waves and smooth concrete.

Home Town: Berlin
Favourite Skate Spot: Gleisdreieck Skatepark & Tempelhof Feld


Favourite Board:

LEILANIThe Leilani embodies ultimate freedom for me. It feels like a beautiful ride on a long and perfect wave.