Cristiane “Kiki” Martins

Kiki is a nature lover and fun & adventure seeker, living on the island of Maui. She was born and grew up in São Paulo, Brazil where as a kid she waited all week for Friday, when she could go to the ocean and surf. She picked up surfing pretty fast and did well at local competitions in Brasil. However, she realised that surfing for her means freedom and self expression and that she preferred free surfing rather than competing. Nowadays she passes on her love for surfing by teaching surfing in the water and with the Curfboard.

Home Town: Maui
Favourite Skate Spot: Anywhere on the back side of Maui with ocean views


Favourite Board:

WAVE SE & CLASSIC SE – I love both! The trucks are incredibly different, innovative and well made. The low-to-the-ground profile and the way the trucks bend makes the Curfboard the closest sensation to surfing that I’ve ever had. I was trilled to find out I could pump the board uphill without ever putting my feet on the ground. Amazing!