Duco Flint

Originally from a small town near Amsterdam, Duco always dreamed of living by the ocean and works remotely to be able to live that way. Currently based in Ericeira, Portugal, he spends his summers in Les Landes, France, or travels the world to find warm and clean waves. While he absolutely loves surfing, he never takes it too serious and makes sure to remember that it’s all about having fun and offering his energy to the ocean. When he is not in the ocean, he is on his surfskate. For Duco, the most satisfying thing about surfskating, is that you can endlessly focus on improving a single manoeuvre. And when you got the hang of it, test it in the water, and succeed.

Home Town: A town by the ocean


Favourite Board:

WAVE – is my favourite board to progress my surfing. I use it almost daily to practise surf manoeuvres or just to get rid of energy.

I also love riding the logs. For that I use the LEILANI. Awesome for practising stylish turns and cross steps out of the water.