Craig Cunningham

Craig was born and raised in the Great Lakes region of Canada but during his professional Kitesurfing career he moved to Colombia River Gorge, in Oregon. After years in the Freestyle Kitesurfing world as an athlete, he moved to Peniche, Portugal. The relocation was so he could spend more time in the ocean and be on the best time zone for work purposes. He now focuses on helping the next generation of athletes, as the Team Manager for some of his past sponsors, helping them to push the sport to the next level and always ensuring to have the most fun possible while doing it.

In his spare time, he is an avid action sports enthusiast. Surfing, skateboarding, snow, wake, basically he likes to stand sideways! A true multi-tasker and multi-sport athlete and a great addition to the Curfboard team. Being an adult surf beginner was not easy for someone who had already achieved such a high level in other boardsports. He credits a lot of his fast progression to muscle memory from pumping and walking his dog every day with a Curfboard.  Plus, he’s found a great tool with the Curfboard to work on his turns with the correct style and technique.

Home Town: Port Dover, Canada (now living in Peniche, Portugal)
Favourite Skate Spot: Buku Baki Bowl


Favourite Board:

Curfboard Fish – because it is so versatile. I can use it in the bowl to practice surf movements and also for cruising when I “walk” my dog.