Pro performance kit

You want to step up you game to the next level or get even more lean and drive out of your Curfboard?

Our Pro Performance Kit provides you exactly what you are looking for:

  • Increased lean of your deck:
  • More rebound and drive out of every turn;
  • Feels even more surfy than the original setup;


This kit can be applied to all existing Curfboards that originally come without a riser pad under the front truck
(Classic, Leilani, Fish and Wave) or with our truck sets on your custom setups.

Set up instructions

Add one wedged riser pad under your front truck with the higher end towards the nose of your board as shown in the picture.

Due to the adjusted angle of the front truck the board will feel even more surfy, it will rebound more out of every turn, generating more drive, and will be also more stable at higher speeds.

And, choose from 3 different setup options for the back truck with the additional second wedged riser pad in combination with the original riser pad that already came with your board or truck set:

Option 1

For maximum lean of the board

  • More dynamic pumping required
  • Higher rebound and faster acceleration out of turns
  • Recommended setup for experienced performance-oriented surfskaters

Option 2

For an allround setup of the board

  • Support both long-distance pumping or crusing and surfskate manoeverability
  • Recommended if you are unsure initially or would like to use your board in various settings

Option 3

To maximize the turning radius of the back truck

  • Board drives through turns more easily comparable to choosing smaller fins on a surfboard
  • Less energy required to pump the board
  • Easier to control and steer through slides
  • Recommended for playfull riding in small spaces and for stepping up your sliding-game
The kit has various lenghts of screws included.
Make sure you use the best suitable lenghts depending on the positioning of your riser pads and always use the self-locking nuts that are supplied with the screws.
Check the tightening of all screws on your boards regularly to ensure you have a joyful and safe ride.
Happy Curfboarding!