Why is our patented surfskate truck so unique?

Check out 7 features that will make your surfskate experience even better.

Steps: 1 – Empty box, 2 – Fish Skate shinning, 3 – Confident Rider


Our surf truck system looks loose but it is actually very stable when riding. It’s great for all levels.

Open the box and start riding, it’s that easy!

Two different girls/ people ride the same surfskate. Both of the skates are marked as good fit.


The Curfboard surfskate truck adapts to the rider’s weight based on a very unique and patented mechanical design.

Forget the hassle of adjusting your skate or worrying if you have adjusted it well.
Perfect surfskate to share with all your friends!

Surf longboard next to Curfboard Classic (longer board) and Curfboard Wave (shorter surfskate) next to surf Shortboard. Both Curfboards use the same surf struck system.


The same Curfboard surf truck system works for cruising and for performance. It just depends on the length of the board.

Become an all-around surfskater, mastering longboard cruising and performance cutbacks with one single truck system.

Close up of front truck. No springs, no bushings = no maintenance and no greasing


Our patented surf truck is built with highest quality components and a unique technology that doesn’t use springs or bushings. Which are the most fragile parts of other surfskates. Our truck also doesn’t need to be greased, and yet is always offering a smooth ride.

Free yourself from the struggle of replacing parts of your surfskate or greasing your truck.

Skate longer and smoothly, worry less.

Low height of surfskate results in more surf feeling and more stability/safety


Our surfskate truck is the lowest to the ground, which results in better grip in hard turns, more control when sliding and more proximity to the surf feeling

Surf the concrete like you’re in those perfect surf conditions. Improve your skills and get that ocean feeling!

Person holding board up in the air. Back truck weights 360g, front truck weights 480g


Lightest surf truck system there is! Front and back truck have approximately the same weight.

Enjoy the freedom of surfskating with an extremely smooth ride!

Take your board with you on your next wanderlust.

And If you like to go high, take your aerial game to the next level with a board that is well balanced.

Person skating really fast. Safety Symbol in front


The Curfboard truck system gets even more stable with speed, resulting in no speed-wobbles.

Have you ever felt more alive? Enjoy the speed and use it to seek the feeling of the power of the ocean.