Classic 2.0 SE

UGS 11-3 Catégorie

La devise du Classic ? "Happy carving, surfy turning and speed generating for all levels !"

Découvrez la version 2021 du Classic 2.0. La SE – Silver Edition – est dotée d'un nouveau truck avant argenté et de pièces de qualité encore supérieure aux précédentes. Résultat ? Une board et un truck plus souples et discrets, pour une glisse toute en douceur et en fluidité.

Our all-round surfcruiser board for beginners and advanced riders alike, is designed to make your next session pure fun and even radical, if that’s what you’re into. Long turns or tight turns, fast or chill – transfer the cruisy longboard or snowboard feeling onto the concrete with the Curfboard Classic.

The longest of our boards combines the stability of a longboard with the agility of a waveboard. Its long and adjustable wheelbase creates a stable feeling perfect for beginners while offering precise control for high speed.

Due to the patented Curfboard front-truck without bushings or springs, the truck self-adjusts to your weight and riding level. No tightening, maintenance or manual adjustment needed. At higher speeds, the truck becomes more stable and prevents speed wobbles. And even during the tightest turns, wheelbites (wheels touching the board) are a thing from the past with our special truck design.

Le Curfboard idéal pour :

  • Beginners wanting to cruise and learn to skate
  • Intermediate and advanced riders who want a board that combines a longboard with surfskate trucks
  • Rider tout en douceur, grâce à la longueur du deck et au large empattement
  • Cruiser, prendre de la vitesse et dessiner de larges courbes
  • Tout rider entre 20 et 100 kilos (les trucks s'adaptent automatiquement au poids)


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  • Deck en bambou, adhésif transparent
  • Aucun entretien grâce au truck avant sans ressort ni bushings
  • Truck arrière classique
  • Roues de 70 mm (2,75") et 50 mm de diamètre et 82A de dureté, pour une bonne adhérence et une glisse tout en fluidité
  • Roulement à billes ABEC 7 avec entretoise et rondelles intégrées


Taille et mesure

  • Longueur : 84 cm (33,07") – Largeur : 22,8 cm (8,98")
  • Poids total : 3 kg (6,6lbs)
  • Empattement ajustable : 59 cm (23,23") à 62 cm (24,40")

5 avis pour Classic 2.0 SE

  1. Jürgens, D. (client confirmé)

    To be honest, at the beginning I was quite skeptical about this new axis because it hung so awkwards on the picture. I couldn’t explain how this was going to work. But I was curious and ordered it. Direct hit!!! I’ve never seen anything like this before. A sense of freedom and control at the same time, super easy to pump and mega fun. Top, thank you!

  2. Carl (client confirmé)

    At a friend I was able to test a curfboard for the first time. It is easy to learn, easy to carry and gives you a controlled feeling. My future means of transportation for the last mile. Highly recommended.

  3. T (client confirmé)

    Perfect Surf Skateboard Is really fun to pump and cruise along. The innovative front axle, which does without any rubber or springs, is still very stable while driving, reacts quickly and directly and is generally very comfortable to drive. It is also maintenance-free. Overall, the board is very well made and has a beautiful bamboo look. Definitely buying advice!

  4. Bianca B Knauf (client confirmé)

    The Curfboard blew me away. It was easy to get going and can pick up decent speed if you get the rhythm going. The front truck is dead silent. Carving is super smooth and turns very tight if you need it to. I will be buying the newer Curfboard Wave soon as well.

  5. Anonymous (client confirmé)

    A completely new riding experience. It’s really incomprehensible to me that most of them still ride around with the antiquated axles with rubber. Just perfect.
    Also great for children to ride, as they can steer well with their light body weight.

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