10 tips to achieve your next level of surfskating

Is improving your surfskate skills on your New Year resolution list?

Did you get stuck on the same level or do you have a surfskate but you’re not riding often?

Then check out these 10 tips we have for you!


Set yourself an achievable goal

Set a realistic goal of what surfskate skill you would like to achieve and you’re more likely to get highly motivated. When achieving your goal, adjust and pursue the next one!

Here are some goal ideas according to each level:
Beginner – Master the infinite loop
Intermediate – Getting used to the skatepark and bowl
Advanced – Layback on the ramp; Aerial jumps


Find a place where you enjoy surfskating

Find your second home and you’ll save yourself time and energy. If you have a place that you know it works for you then commit to it…of course, sometimes you could still feel like a change of scenery!
If the place you find is also frequented by other surfskaters it will also be more fun and you can ask them for tricks insights!


Plan ahead your surfskate time

Unlike surfing, that strongly depends on tides, swells, wind… (and a bit of luck!) surfskating is easier to plan! Place your surfskate time on your schedule just like you would do with the gym.

Progress takes time and commitment, make sure you’re not lacking any of those!


Take your board always with you!

If planning ahead and finding your place is not for you, just carry your board all the time!
Our Curfboard is the lightest surf skate out there, and the Wave model is even super compact, making it effortless to take it with you. So take your board and skate all the time and everywhere you go.

If you have a car, place it in the trunk, and every time you see a road that would be great for surf skating or that you park on a smooth parking lot, take it out and ride!


Get company!

Don’t ride alone all the time! Get your friends and family to skate with you or join an existing surfskaters group – you can all have more fun together and learn from each other!

Our board is perfect for sharing since it automatically adjusts to the riders weight and it’s great for any level. So you can just use the same Curfboard for multiple people. If you’re looking forward to share the ride with your parent or child this is also the board for you!


Film yourself and analyse it

Seeing yourself in action is the best way to find errors and your strong points. Analyse your videos and get more experienced riders give you feedback. The best part is that you can also see your progress over time!


Youtube is your best friend

Do you need more details or to see slow motions of the manoeuvres? Youtube is an ocean filled with information, explanations and tips!


Join a surfskate lesson… or more!

Learning from experienced surfskaters that are also teachers will for sure unlock your next level. If you are ready to invest in your progress, this is a great opportunity to improve. Find a local surfskate school/teacher, an online course with one-on-one coaching or video analysis and you’ll get the insights that you have been missing all this time!

Having a teacher is also great if you want to achieve your goals more quickly or if you have set yourself high goals! Plus, skating with other people is always more fun!



Get yourself some external motivation by signing up for a surfskate competition. There are many out there, live and online, where you can participate regarding your level. Participate in one and boost your motivation and progress! Maybe you’ll even get an award!


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