Test and experience Curfboards

Ride the first turns, experience the surf feeling on concrete and generate speed quickly without much force due to the special Curfboard truck system. Surfskating is a special feeling that is very different from normal skateboarding or longboarding. If you have never stood on a surfskate or a Curfboard, you’re missing out.

If you’re located in Germany, you can now book and test Curfboards through our partner TRYUP! They have made it their mission to provide innovative sports equipment for unlimited testing.

The process is very simple:

1. If you’re located in Germany, choose your Curfboard model and the test period on the TRYUP! website
2. TRYUP! sends you the board for a rental fee on the specified date
3. You test the board in a flexible way, as if it was your own board
4. At the end of the period you send the board back, free of charge
5. If you are convinced and want to buy the board, you get a credit for the test fee