curfboard® – the ultimate surfing experience on wheels

The Curfboard truck
a paradigm shift

We have developed a completely new surfskate truck which works without rubbers or springs and does not need to be adjusted to the rider’s weight or the driving characteristics. It simply works by using gravity as the restoring force and thus it is self-regulating. Light weight or heavy riders, fast descents or radical turns, everything is now possible, spontaneous and with full control at any time. Due to this patented 4-hinge suspension this surf-skate / carving truck is extremely well suited for pumping without pushing the board with your feet, and you can drive and even accelerate elegantly through the body movement like surfing or snowboarding, even uphill. Besides being a radical sports product and a unique training tool for surfing, the curfboard® can also be easily used by surf-skate beginners as well as for relaxed urban commuting with a big smile on your face.

Advantages of the curfboard® truck compared to other surf-skate and carving trucks:

– perfect control and precise response
– no speed wobbles
– no wheel bites at even the most radical turns
– no adjustment of rubbers or springs needed
– no wear and replacement of rubbers or springs
– lower distance to the ground
– less weight, total only 3,0 kg / 6,6 lbs
– self-regulating and self-adjusting to the riders driving style and weight
– highest quality, design and engineering in Germany

With the curfboard you can cruise endless distances with minimal effort, even if you pump uphill. It combines the stability of a longboard with the agility of a waveboard. It is also easier to learn than a normal skateboard.

If you are a surfer or snowboarder, the curfboard is the ideal training device for every season, even without surf or powder snow.

The curfboard grows with your abilities and allows radical maneuvers, jumps and whatever else you can think of for cool moves in the skate park or the bowl.

The beauty of engineering and kinematics

Timo Janssen @ Bali

JT`s 1st ride on the curfboard®, Kauai-Hawaii

From The Down Under Chronicles - Cruizing The Beach


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